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Victim reveals how she took this picture during late-night encounter before grunting man

Abi Conroy (left), 23, said the stranger charged at her in a 'full black rubbery' outfit, 'grunting and breathing heavily', while she was taking a late-night walk in a Somerset village. Helped by passers-by, she chased him off and was able to take a picture (centre) before he vanished through a hedge. Police yesterday arrested a second suspect in his 30s over the incident following the arrest on Monday of a man in his 20s. The man in his 20s was later bailed and described by locals as from a very religious family. Abi, who is a barber, said she was struggling to come to terms with last Thursday's confrontation because she already suffered from anxiety. 'It was a massive shock, I didn't know if I was dreaming,' she said. 'I've already suffered from severe anxiety that's why I go for my little walks - to try and clear my head.' Abi and her wife Pip (right, together), who have been married a year, said that while they were grateful the police were doing their job, it would be difficult to relax until they knew the right person had been caught.

'Bullied' schoolboy, 14, 'lay down in front of train after handing his bag to a friend'

Sam Connor, aged 14, passed his belongings to his friends before jumping off the platform at Chertsey station, in Surrey, at around 4pm on Monday. Those who know the pupil claim he was being bullied at his Roman Catholic comprehensive. Police were called (pictured top) and ushered pupils from the platform (pictured bottom) to allow specialists to get to the scene on Monday. It is understood that a piece of paper found at the station may have been a suicide note scribbled by the Year 9 pupil who went to Salesian Secondary School in the town. Pupils, residents and parents laid floral tributes at the station, including one mother with a son at Salesian School (pictured inset right).

Kian Mallinson, two, from Hull, was attacked by the creature at 2am and screamed so loud he woke his mother Jodie Smith. The toddler was bitten by the UK's most common breed, a pipistrelle bat.

UK Daily Mail News Tips

Nearly 50 local authorities now insist on arbitrary fees to get rid of waste, including Buckinghamshire council - which has released a new 'price list' demanding up to £20 for single items.

The findings, based on research of pet insurance claims by John Lewis, also highlight psychological issues with labradors, golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, cockapoos and border terriers.

The Tory frontrunner, who will become the UK's new Prime Minister next week if he defeats Jeremy Hunt in the leadership race, is said to have told aides to prepare for an election as early as next summer.

US woman spends TWO DAYS tracking thief who stole her car and wallet by monitoring stolen purchases on her credit card - then steals them back 

Danielle Reno, who has no experience as an investigator, hunted down the thieves based off purchases from her debit card as well as GPS from her cellphone, both of which were inside her Toyota 4Runner when it was stolen from a gas station. In a remarkable display of amateur sleuthing, Reno, of Clay County, spent 48 hours on the tail of the carjackers, trying to find out where they were headed. Quick thinking Reno finally tracked down the carjackers, stole her Toyota back and then called the cops - having the thieves arrested.

On one thing I cannot fault Boris Johnson: his refusal, throughout this Conservative leadership campaign, to be drawn into discussions of his private life, writes SARAH VINE.

Gary Lineker, the BBC's highest paid star on £1.75million a year, regularly uses social media to rail against the 'irreparable damage' caused by Britain's decision to leave the EU.

The 30-year-old woman was at a party with her 29-year-old lover in St Petersburg on July 5 when they fell through a ninth floor window. She died instantly but he survived after landing on her.

NEW The group aged between 17 and 20 stripped off on Ao Nang beach and were in the water for around ten minutes in Krabi, southern Thailand on Monday night.

Couple complaint about 22ft mound behind their house used for University Hospital of North

Les and Michelle Burdon claim the mound of earth behind their home is attracting trespassers who repeatedly peer into their bedroom. The family fear trespassers could be tempted to burgle them if they spot expensive goods through the window and are also worried about the value of their home. The mound was installed by University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton as a 'visual and sound screen' to reduce the impact of a new 'energy centre' on neighbours. But the Burdons are adamant it is making their lives worse.

The firm previewed a slew of its upcoming designs in honor of World Emoji Day, revealing several more inclusive options that users have long been asking for. It also added new animals and food options.

Former Malaysian king and his Russian beauty queen wife have DIVORCED, report claims

NEW The surprise wedding of Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, 50, and Rihana Oksana Voevodina, 27, in the Russian capital last November had stunned Malaysians (pictured: the couple in recent social media posts by the Russian beauty, left and right; the reported divorce certificate, inset; and the bride in her racy Miss Moscow days, inset). But now a divorce certificate indicates the former king, who quit the monarchy after lurid revelations were made public in her homeland over his wife's 'sex in the pool' antics in a reality TV show, has ended the relationship. The divorce was registered as final on July 1, the New Straits Times reported today in Kuala Lumpur.

Josh Harber, who lived in Kent with his family was described as a 'happy and healthy' boy. He died two days after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukaemia.

The former Manchester City and Newcastle player allegedly tangled with Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel in the tunnel following a game in Yorkshire in April.

Zippy unzipped: Puppeteer reveals the lewd secrets of children's TV classic Rainbow

Ronnie Le Drew (left, with Zippy) is releasing a tell-all memoir called Zippy and Me, that is set to shatter the innocence of the children's programme, often described as Britain's answer to Sesame Street. Rainbow ran for 27 series and 1,071 episodes, after its launch in 1972 and was famous for its three main characters: Bungle the teddy bear, George the hippopotamus and Zippy, an unknown yellowish creature. Le Drew, who took over controlling Zippy from Violet Philpott after she suffered a slipped disk, has revealed the sexism backstage and also the culture of heavy drinking. The cast would also regularly alter the positions of the zoo and farm animals so they were in sexual positions. In one incident an archbishop was being given a tour of the studio while 'Zippy was mounted upon George, going at it hammer and tong.' Pictured right, the Rainbow cast - clockwise from top left - George, Zippy, Geoffrey Hayes, Freddy Marks, Rod Burton, Jane Tucker, and centre, Bungle.

British sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals the best positions for every size of penis. But first, she says it's important to 'get the attitude right' as many other problems will then be sorted.

Five-year-old Tafida Raqeeb is at the centre of an extraordinary legal tug-of-war. Her parents want to take her from the Royal London Hospital, where doctors believe it is in her best interests to die.

'If being called a bigot means I stand up for my beliefs, I take it as a badge of honour': Christian doctor who refused to call 'a 6ft bearded man' madam tells why he is determined to fight a landmark legal case 

Father-of-four Dr David Mackereth (left) never imagined he would find himself branded a 'bigot' by Piers Morgan (right) on live breakfast TV, and fearing that he would never work as a doctor again. Dr Mackereth had worked for more than 20 years as an NHS A&E doctor, most recently at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, Shropshire (inset) before he started work as a benefits assessor at the DWP. He claims he was sacked in June 2018 after saying during a training course for the job that he would refuse to refer to 'a man six feet tall with a beard' if they wanted to be addressed as 'she'. Dr Mackereth believes his ongoing legal case against the Government could have significant legal implications. 'This case is all about whether I am legally clear to say - on the grounds of my religious conscience - "No, I can't call you 'she' or 'he', not because I want to hurt you or don't accept you, but because my Christian convictions simply won't allow me to do that," 'he said.

HENRY DEEDES: Tales of the Unexpected was a creepy show. I was reminded of it yesterday while watching Dominic Grieve and Margaret Beckett at a People's Vote press conference.

JACK DOYLE: To stop No Deal, Dominic Grieve is prepared to risk putting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. That is the only logical conclusion from the threat he made on the Today programme.

Piers Morgan and Rochelle Humes join slew of stars in viral old age FaceApp challenge

FaceApp offers a glimpse of things to come with filters, showing how celebrities might age - sometimes with dramatic results. The smart software, which was created by Saint-Petersburg-based designers, allows you to transform someone's face within seconds. But can you guess which celebrities have already taken up the challenge?

Why women had no idea their state pension age was rising

Maggie Briley (left), 64, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, said she had no idea her pension age was rising and by the time she learned she would have to wait til 65 she had already quit her full-time job. Ms Briley gave up her sales consultancy role in 2008 aged 53, expecting to receive her pension at 60. But a year later she was told she had an 11 year wait to collect it. It comes as the government has been slammed for spending millions of pounds on a series of baffling newspaper and magazine advertisements, featuring dogs (bottom right) and Monopoly boards (top right), that appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Whether or not 3.8 million women born in the 1950s received adequate warning they would retire up to six years later than expected is currently at the centre of legal action.

Rebecca Tollan, 23, collapsed and later died after becoming unwell at a house in Bellshill, Lanarkshire at 1.15am on Monday. She gave birth to her son Carter on June 28.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has reportedly given a 10-carat ring to 32-year-old Alexandra Duisberg (left), who he has been 'spending time with' despite still being married to his wife, Wendy (right).

Two homes which these proud owners sold to pay for crippling dementia care costs

The Daily Mail today calls on ministers to end the disgraceful neglect of families living with the burden of dementia. A plan to fix the broken care system was promised in March 2017 - but the resulting green paper has been delayed six times, with no sign of when it will be published. Fred (right) was a World War II veteran who later served in the police force. He was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2016. By May 2018, his condition had deteriorated significantly and he had to move into a dementia care home. All of his police and state pension was spent on his £1,200 per week fees, but it still wasn't enough, his daughter Sharon (also pictured) says. Last week they sold their beloved thatched cottage that he renovated in 1974 and once served as our family home, for £373,000 (inset). Juanita 'Nita' Elizabeth Toole (right in 1948) is 93 years old and has suffered from vascular dementia for 14 years. She is doubly incontinent, can form only a few words and sounds, derives no enjoyment from music, sun, food or company and has been unable to recognise her only child, Christine, for several years. To date, she has spent £300,000 of her parents' money on her mother's care. They sold their home for they sold for £375,000 to pay for costs of care.

How mum-of-two banished her belly and lost 12kg in just 8 WEEKS with F45

Mother-of-two Miranda Klibbe (pictured before and after), 32, from Clayfield, Queensland, found herself struggling to shift the baby weight following the birth of her second child in 2018. Determined to make a change, Miranda signed up to an eight-week challenge with F45 - a worldwide fitness community that specialises in innovative, high-intensity group workouts. The busy mother-of-two combined the six-days-a-week workouts with a strict diet plan and saw results - shedding 12.5kg (28lbs) in just eight weeks.

Musk and members of the Neuralink team laid out progress they have made on their mission at an event held in San Francisco to recruit talent in software, robotics, neuroscience and more.

US House votes to CONDEMN Trump's 'racist' tweets at far-left 'squad': Representatives declare president's words 'legitimised fear and hatred of new Americans and people of colour' in chaotic session which saw Speaker Nancy Pelosi walk out

The House voted Tuesday to condemn Donald Trump for 'racist' tweets that targeted the 'squad' - four progressive lawmakers who are racial minorities. The vote was 240 in favor with 187 opposed. Four Republicans and Justin Amash, the Republican lawmaker turned Independent, voted with Democrats to condemn the president. But the debate over the condemnation brought chaos to the House floor and froze the chamber for over an hour  after a Republican lawmaker objected to Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling the president a 'racist.' 

Angry passengers turn on unions as millions face check-in chaos

Angry passengers have slammed trade unions over strike threats at a dozen UK airports (pictured right) this summer that would cause major disruption (file picture left) and 'spoil holidays for hard working people'. The militant Unite union has threatened to shut down Heathrow and bring 'check-in chaos' for Easyjet passengers at London Stansted, with workers due to walk out from next week. But holidaymakers have vented their fury on social media, branding Unite the 'worst of Britain' and claiming the action will only 'divide' people (pictured inset left and centre).

Such is the threat of a night at the opera turning into a fight at the opera that the Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre are working with security firm Calla on a trial giving ushers body cameras.

People staying in the island's resort region near Seminyak, Canggu and Kuta were woken at 8am local time by the walls of their houses shaking.

NEW Researchers from the University of California, LA, believe 'participating in the paid labour force' keeps women 'mentally stimulated'. It also comes with 'financial and social benefits'.

Coleen Rooney enjoys boozy Ibiza girls' trip

Coleen Rooney put on her most raucous display to date as she was seen living it up on a boozy excursion, during which she opened a £5 bottle of wine with her teeth (pictured left). The WAG, 33, who shares four sons with husband Wayne, looked incredible in a stylish bikini as she frolicked in the sunshine at the weekend and draped herself around a male friend (pictured right) on what appeared to be a much-needed break.

London-based Anna Bey, 33, who goes by the moniker 'JetSetBabe' online, shared her top tips on attending high society events - advising followers to RSVP in good time and never to be late.

Melanie Lawson, 46, from Brighton. suffered from postnatal depression and claims she recovered by taking Omega 3 supplements. She went on to launch million-pound business Bare Biology.

'Zombie' actress sues historic castle for £100,000

NEW Helena Westerman was playing a 'mad scientist and zombie' at Mountfitchet Castle, Essex when she claims she was hit in the mouth by a deactivated grenade thrown by another actor. Before the accident, she had been lurking in the shadows in full costume before 'shuffling out of her hiding place' to terrify the audience in the immersive show. The 24-year-old (pictured left during the show, inset before the accident and right after), is now suing the company which runs the castle, claiming she suffered dental injuries, 'permanent and visible scarring', depression, anxiety and an 'adjustment disorder'.

My rear windscreen was shattered by a stone on a Friday afternoon. I contacted my insurer, Saga, and was given details for its chosen windscreen firms.

The RAGE protein is activated by stress and the threat of starvation, making our bodies conserve fat to burn later, It helped us in early human history, but now may make us obese, a new NYU study found.

Travel blogger faces prison in Indonesia after sharing a mocking post about a handwritten

Rius Vernandes, who is from Indonesia, was on a Garuda Indonesia flight from Sydney when he was given the dinner options on a piece of paper which looked like it had been ripped out of a notebook.  He shared the image to his 90,000 followers with the caption 'the menu is still being printed, sir'.  Two days after Mr Vernandes posted the menu, he uploaded another image from police in Indonesia stating he was being sued for defamation by the airline. Garuda is Indonesia's national airline carrier.

Scientists at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, found seven per cent of people manage to quit for six months without rewards, but this rises to 10 per cent with financial motivation.

Female college student designs chair that blocks 'manspreading'

Laila Laurel, pictured, has created a chair, pictured, during her course at the University of Brighton to prevent men from 'manspreading' by physically keeping their legs together. Ms Laurel won an award for her 'imaginative and cleverly presented ideas. She was inspired to design and build the chair because of her experience of manspreading in public places.



ALISON BOSHOFF: That's rich, Kate Winslet

ALISON BOSHOFF: Kate Winslet is a wealthy woman, with the lifestyle to match - one that, no doubt, provides much enjoyment to her third husband, Ned Rocknroll (nephew of billionaire Richard Branson), and her three children: Mia, 18, Joe, 15, and Bear, five. Yet, she now says - possibly half in jest - that she is repulsed by the very idea of wealth. Kate was born in Reading in 1975. Her mother, Sally, was a nanny and waitress, and her father, Roger, a jobbing actor. She was raised in a three-bedroom terrace house (inset), now valued at just under £500,000. She also attended a fee-paying school - more of which later. However Kate is insistent on the topic of how proletarian she is. Pictured main: Kate Winslet and boyfriend Ned Rocknroll leaving their hotel in London, March 27, 2012. Bottom right: A younger Kate Winslet. Top right: Kate, far left (circled), with her 'working-class' family in 1982.

Madeleine McCann's parents are calling on British holidaymakers to take pictures of their missing daughter with them abroad to keep the search for her going 12 years after she vanished.

The Ministry of Defence said Type 23 frigate HMS Kent and tanker RFA Wave Knight would deploy to the Gulf later this year as part of Operation Kipion, the UK's mission in the region.

The service offered by the new financial planning business from Lloyds Bank and investment management firm Schroders is now open to select Lloyds customers.

Our probe has found a string of potential pitfalls with popular DIY will packs and online services. In the worst cases, your will could be declared invalid or your loved ones forced into court battles.

Seconds from tragedy: British holidaymaker zooms down Spanish waterslide before plunging head first into pool - snapping his neck in two places and leaving him paralysed 

David Briffaut, 23, is in intensive care in an Alicante hospital after a horrifying freak accident at a Spanish water park (left). The holidaymaker, from Benfleet, Essex, who was holidaying with his girlfriend Penny Bristow, 22, (right) flew down the Splash slide at Aqualandia water park in Benidorm on July 8. He hit the water at the end of the slide, snapping two vertebrae in his neck and suffering a spinal cord injury. His parents Lorraine and Stephane, who flew to Spain to be at his bedside said they are going through 'every parent's worst nightmare'.

Baroness Scotland's first term as Commonwealth Secretary General is due to expire three months before a major summit of the government leaders in Rwanda planned for June 2020.

The charges are in connection with the death of 20-year-old Steven Narvaez-Jara, who was stabbed at a party in Islington, north London, in the early hours of New Year's Day 2018.

Former British Airways boss Keith Williams has rejected Labour's calls to renationalise the railways but said a new national body should be created to manage them.

The multi-million pound woodland exhibit in Bristol will open next week and will be home to four European brown bears, five wolves, two Eurasian lynx and two wolverines.

According to NASSA, the new measurement, which comes from data gleaned from Hubble Space Telescope, falls in the middle of a hotly contested debate between two dueling theories.

'Creepy' mother-in-law is slammed for enjoying an intimate dance with her son at his

Bizarre photos of a mother-in-law having a 'creepy' dance with her son at his wedding (left) - while wearing a white lace dress - were shared on Reddit by the bride's baffled uncle - and didn't go down well. In another snap (right), the mother-in-law is seen hugging her son around the waist from behind - while his wife looks on clearly unimpressed. The anonymous woman, believed to be from the U.S., was slated by users, with many claiming the pictures made them feel 'icky'.

The Marriage Allowance is worth £250 each tax year. But one company is now targeting older couples with letters and emails, and then pocketing around half of what they are owed.

Teenagers are turning their backs on activities such as babysitting and walking dogs in favour of earning cash on the internet. Many are trading clothes on smartphone apps and sites such as eBay.

British supermarket Waitrose expect the decision to change the black trays for multi-coloured versions will remove 500 tons of plastic from the waste system every year.

'Already giving me hell!' Video shows devoted dad having an 'argument' with his sassy one-year-old daughter - who easily wins the clash with her VERY feisty hand gestures

A heartwarming video shows one-year-old Alaya, from Houston, Texas, having a pretend argument with her adoring dad Carlos, pictured inset. While Alaya can't yet talk, she manages to show her dad exactly who was boss with her hilarious gestures and babbling, with many viewers of the clip agreeing that she won the feud easily thanks to her no-nonsense attitude.

The Supreme People's Court in Shaanxi province announced today that it implemented the death penalty on Zhang Koukou, 36, for intentional homicide against Wang Zixin and his sons.

The contraceptive, Annovera, could be available in the US by the end of the year. Unlike its competitor NuvaRing, it does not need to be removed every three weeks.

Drugs deaths in Scotland are at their worst level on record, figures indicate (Paul Faith/PA)

A total of 1,187 people died from drugs in Scotland in 2018, according to National Records of Scotland figures. The majority of these deaths were caused by opiates such as heroin.

Time released the unranked list on Tuesday after evaluating contenders based on 'their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news'.

Hundreds of Instagrammers rush to Russia's toxic blue lake

Guards were forced to dig up the road leading to a toxic waste dump in Russia after it became a hit with Instagram users, but hundreds still had to be kicked out after they walked to the site instead. Now there are plans to build a fence around the lake - which is known online as the Siberian Seychelles but is actually called Lake Ash Dump - to stop people from coming. Authorities have also urged people not to go in the water after one Instagram user was left with red marks all over his skin after swimming in it.

Dame Helen Mirren, 73, threw her weight behind the campaign to save free licenses for Britain's over-75s, saying it was 'absolutely heartbreaking' that older people would lose their TV access.

A report has revealed the shocking extent to which hardened criminals (such as serial burglar Nathan Hibberd, above) are responsible for a growing proportion of total crime.

ALEX BRUMMER: Predictably, the unions have chosen the coming weeks - just after schools break up - to hold a series of walk-outs that will sabotage family holidays.

The pound has now dropped to a six-month low against the euro and a two-year low against the dollar. And rates are likely to remain uncertain amid political and economic uncertainty.

Keeping active is known to protect against dementia. But a study from the University of Queensland suggests HIIT exercise could be more effective than continuous activity.

Chantell Graham was convicted of giving the child insulin twice in June 2016, despite the fact she was not diabetic. A jury at Isleworth Crown Court returned guilty verdicts on Tuesday.

Shoppers slam new 'body positive' Inthestyle campaign with Chessie King as 'absurd'

In The Style announced a new 'body positive' range with British influencer Chessie King yesterday (left). While the brand said they were excited to work with 'one of the most self-loving, body positive' influencers, some shoppers were left confused by the choice (right). Some took to social media to point out that Chessie looked 'literally perfect' and 'not fat' enough for the collaboration (inset).

Researchers from Indiana University studied the medical records of more than 200,000 people and found the risk of getting squamous or basal cell carcinoma also rose with family ties.

Gwyn Headley, left, and Sara Badhan, right, are holding a certificate awarded by Guinness World Records that the street, Ffordd Pen Llech, pictured, is officially the steepest in the world

Sarah Baker, 35, has blasted Girlguiding UK for refusing to give her seven-year-old son permission to join a Rainbows group in Darwen, Lancashire. The group is open to girls only, aged five to seven.

Wing's new iOS and Android app aims to 'help users comply with rules and plan flights more safely and effectively.' It launches this month in Australia, where it's now making deliveries.

Pearson is taking the first step by obliging students to rent printed textbooks instead of buying them. Its physical books will also be updated much less often than the current policy of every three years.

Wash and NO! Dramatic driver plunges into US river after hitting the accelerator instead of the brake as she leaves a car wash

A driver from New Jersey ended up driving straight into the Hackensack River after hitting the gas instead of the brakes, sending her car over the edge and down the embankment. Surveillance video captured the SUV pulling out of the car wash and then accelerating before plunging straight into the water below. Luckily, the driver and her passenger were a little shaken up but otherwise okay. The car was also able to be salvaged later in the afternoon as a crane was brought to hoist it back out.

Emergency services were called to the supermarket in Peterhead, Scotland, at 12.30pm today to help an the injured workman who is believed to have fallen while working on the store's new extension.

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Stargazers around the world gather to see the red 'half-blood Moon'

Last night's 'half-blood Moon' offered spectacular views in European skies, including above Istanbul (top picture, above the Hagia Sophia), Germany (bottom left, in Speyer) and Britain (bottom right, in West Yorkshire), and will also take place over much of Asia and Africa and parts of South America and Australia. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are almost exactly in line and the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. As the Moon moves into Earth's shadow during a partial eclipse, it is illuminated by a small amount of sunlight that passes through our atmosphere - producing the unusual red colour. The eclipse is particularly well-timed as the Moon is on the public mind anyway, half a century exactly since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin began their historic journey to the lunar surface.

Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63, from the Munger district of eastern Bihar state, wears his six-foot-long mat of hair on top of his head like a turban.

Police surrounded the BMW of Gerard Duffy, 56, after a member of the public reported a car being driven by a man they suspected of having been drinking, but he drove on into and around the police.

Jacob's Food Diaries Laleh Mohmedi creates incredible food art of cartoon characters

Every parent knows trying to convince a fussy child to eat their greens can be tricky. But mother-of-two Laleh Mohmedi has found a clever way to transform healthy foods packed full of fruits and vegetables into incredible meals her kids can't resist. The Melbourne home cook - who runs Jacob's Food Diaries - gets her cooking inspiration from her children's favourite TV shows and movies. She has created everything from a ravioli Sponge Bob Square Pants, a chicken and mashed potato Woody from Toy Story and a blue spirulina Genie from Aladdin.



Explore the MOON in incredible 3D map: Interactive module follows footsteps of astronauts to mark 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 crew's historic first landing

EXCLUSIVE: Users can visualise exactly where Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin were when they, along with Michael Collins, orchestrated one of the most incredible feats in the history of humankind when their Eagle lander touched down on July 20 1969 thanks to a 3D interactive map (left) developed by Esri UK, using data from Nasa. Apollo 11 was the first mission that put humans on the moon, with both Armstrong and Aldrin gracing the surface and planting an American flag in the moondust (top right) while Collins piloted the lunar orbiter himself. At each landing site the location of various modules, buggies, reflectors and experimental equipment are all pinpointed thanks to the new map (bottom right).

Researchers from the University of California have developed DeepCubeA, a deep learning algorithm which can solve the Rubik's Cube and other puzzles without human assistance.

The video was filmed at the Rhino Orphanage in Pretoria, South Africa, and shows the veterinary student and employee Jamie Traynor, with the animal.

Let me out I'm claws-trophobic! Tiger on a lead jumps out of a car in a Russian city and starts wondering the streets 

Footage shows an unmuzzled tiger jumping out of a car and prowling the streets of Ivanovo in Russia. The video starts with the tiger, who locals believe is used to advertise a travelling circus, perching his entire body on the edge of the window as he tries to get out of the car. The tiger's owner keeps a tight grip of a lead it is wearing but is eventually overpowered by the tiger's strength and the tiger jumps onto the road, with its lead dragging behind. It then runs away from its owner, who moves towards it as he tries to pick up the lead again. According to local media the tiger was walking around while children passed. Some locals believe that the incident was a publicity stunt for the travelling circus that is currently in town.